Welcome to Kallista Press

Kallista Press encourages correspondence with family, friends, loved ones, and business associates through elegant greeting cards. In a tech-savvy world, where internet is boss, communication has lost a generation of personal touch. Kallista Press aims to restore the beauty in recognizing handwritten notes once again.

The fact remains—opening a card with a gift, or receiving an unexpected card in the mail—is second to none where genuine, personal written communication is concerned.

Renew the timeless old-world fashion of communication that continues to cultivate a tremendous momentum of emotion through a tangible object. Surprise your mom with an unexpected card, be remembered for the thoughtful gesture of writing instead of typing, or get to know your best friend’s handwriting by sharing in the experience of exchanging cards, not emails.

It’s fun to receive and read a card, but it’s just as great to write one. Do it with Kallista Press and take part in corresponding…beautifully.